Saturday, January 7, 2012


vampire said, "don't expect anything and it will be full of surprise"
true, i was in the mid of working when i receive a phone call from my childhood bestfriend who is my neighbor for like forever. She is in National service and she took her one and only off day to phone me. T.T sooo touching! and it make me flashback to all those days that she had been with me all through the years. Look at the pictures. I and her was 5 years old in that picture, and now. ALL these years, 17 years!! i and her were friends for 17 years! yes, even in diapers and we can barely walk. I should had appreciated her, i should had treasure this friendship. Sorry, Jia Ling, i had left you in the cold for so long, when you come back, i'm treating you. XD

new Ernie. XD bought this from Sg and i didn't know converting the money back, it is NOT worth the money at all..Rm12 for a small stunted keychain Ernie? god must be kidding me, and his nose is about to drop off any moment.

and as vampire said so, it will be full of surprise. he blurt out this morning what i didn't know. He read my blog post,told me that i should have trust it wil stay long, the care is not temporary...
i'm sorry, i'm sorry.
i've been through sooo many blackhole before,thats why i'm having this stupid thought.


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