Monday, January 9, 2012

Budget 2012

I really need to budget out things smartly now. Ever since i started working, money had been a hot issue in my life. But how i am not a wise money spender, i see clothes and there goes my money down the drain. I had to bid farewell to my ukelele and microphone for the moment, because i need to pay half of my piano exam which is almost Rm500. Thank god, i didnt need to pay for the whole monthly affair lesson.

and ever since you started working, asking your parents for money is a very SHAMEFUL thing. so i ended up buying my own thing infront of my parents nose.
so ever since i get my half month pay i had spend on

top up: Rm25
cigarette pants: Rm60
Bowling and outing: Rm44 (sandy borrow 10!)
Conditioner: Rm10
family treats: Rm10
my lunch : Rm10
my crave for sausage roll: Rm3

I need to save the rest of the money though. I had a plan, camera phone will never be as good as a real camera. So, my sis promise me a phone , right? Hey, Bee, keep your promise *nudge, nudge* So, i want her to buy me a camera instead, and i go buy a CHEAP smartphone for myself, because i figure out camera is more vital to me than having a phone just to text and call.
so what say you, bee?
*wink wink*

so, here's my budget plan.
My pay is around Rm *00++
i save half of it in my bank.
and spent the rest of it in my wish list
if i can resist..


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