Sunday, January 1, 2012


waiting for the Hunger games to come out at March23. OMG, OMG, i watch the trailer and i'm having goosebump all over. It was voted as the MOST anticipated movie of 2012 and i couldn't agree more with that. I read the book without thinking that it would be made as a movie. I fallen in love with Peeta <3 and he was played by Josh Hutcherson, another LOVE!!! omg, this is major!
you know what they show for new yearr? Ghost show =.='' and i was like aargghh, while trying to fix my view towards my laptop than to watch the TV, i accidentally turn my head to the TV and saw something that i regretted. BLOODY~ that girl was oozing blood through her eyes and she was grinning like a fat pig at me..

and did i mention that my DVD player is haunted? i click it close, it close and then it open again by itself. I close it again, and then it flip open. I fought with it quite a number of time until i really feel that there's an eerie supernatural feeling in there. I off the whole power switch and then on the switch again to recover it, i didn't remember pressing start for the player, but the whole thing flip open again.
I can't take it anymore, ran downstair and never wanna go up again.>.<

I have to stop looking for heels, first, no place to wear to, second, vampire is short, third, it hurts.
Searching for Dr Marten look-a-like. 2012 new year means new fashion! This new year, Preppie style is HOT, like major hot! eveybody wear Dr martens, oxford, school jacket , knee high socks, boy's wear.
Preppie Preppi, here i come


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