Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flying through the garden

Epic moments. me with the umbrella =.=''
SO! tomorrow will be my next driving practical, 15th i be going to this cny festival with mou mou they all, 19th go watch movie with tortoise, then it is cny ady!

i was soooo bored until i flip open youtube and learn how to shuffle from there. they had this weird term like running man, T-step, combination with the two. Apparently, my running man is still retarded but i think T-step is easy. And then i try other advanced steps and i am already sooo exhausted (i'm very easily fatigue)
Note: Vigorous dancing is really not for me

had a good look at my big FAT face XD
then i try to learn belly dancing ......
and it was sooo akward because those teaching are wearing skirts and i'm wearing my pajamas..=.=''
then i close the whole youtube in a fury because i had just conclude myself that i am hopeless in dancing..

i just realize i don't have a wish list for my new year at all.
I don't wanna be too greedy this year because looking back at what my list is last year just embarassed me.
Anyway, two things for sure is that i'm gonna get myself a studio microphone and a hot pink ukelele..
all with my own hard work pay.
so that i won't feel greedy like a pig..


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