Friday, January 13, 2012


Today was sooo freaking tiring, i was like a half dead fish trying to keep both my eyes open. Today i worked overtime until 8.45pm. Come back home at 10pm with that kind of eyes where people would thought that you were beaten up by ten bullies. I tried to focus on my pay though, to keep my spirit alive each time i saw student by student flooding in the room..but i was yawning
yesterday, Ann is HAPPY..She went for her 2nd driving practical with Ning and Vampire. For the first time, i feel very comfortable around vampire, no more hand shaking, knees buckling, butterflies in my stomach. As i was driving, we bump into each other A LOT. and the most memorable moment was when his car was just by the side of me (our teachers left us) he phone me. Just like in a movie, both of us staring at each other through the screen while talking on the phone.

i wish i can write much here, but this blog is set public. =.=
womanhood. i wonder how it feels like to be a real woman. To me, a real woman should be around 21 years old. I tried dressing like one, but i still feel akward. i'm going to be eighteen soon, everything should be a serious thing to me.

Ok, don't look at my noob face..
Today, i pick up an additional math book and flip through it..
I miss add math =.=
is just that last time i use to do questions after questions of it, and i really miss add math *jaw drop*
and then look at history..
can't believe all those facts are still in my head..

Urgh, get out of my brain! go go go! Shoo..! i have better things to remember

Tank top: Zara
Tight zipper skirt: Bugis Street, Sg
Lace top: Select
Lace black skirt: NEU look
Black heels: NEU Look
Headband: department store


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