Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Urgh, having a bit of headache going at my right temple..Today, i made amends with a girl from the past. She apologize for ruining my life and that we were both still kids and didn't know what we're doing. i apologize back too, because when i was 13 i was a real b*tch..
finally, we're friends. YAY!!!

I played the apps on fb that predict my death. I was going to die because of a 7ml water. =.='' but i was consider lucky because that sound as illogical as the one that stated that he will be kidnapped by SANTA CLAUS.=.=''
those that sound too cruel to be true is those that get run over by a car..
THAT is brilliant..

a frown on my face proof all.
i need to be really careful next time to what i post on FB..
i mean it is sooo open..

My dream microphone..A STUDIO MICROPHONE!!!!
minimum Rm300!

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