Saturday, January 14, 2012


The world kept revolving, evolving, wat volvo-ving am i talking about.My close uncle pass away today and i only get the news right before i ended my work. Its a good thing i get to know the news later though or else i'll be thinking and thinking and not able to focus on what they are playing.
Life is really like a brief candle, he use to came here all the time.
just like vampire said, "nothing last forever, everything times up."

two weeks two days now, i finally get the colour of how distinct we are, but i'm gonna believe in the saying 'opposite attracts'. I finally realize he looks like a korean. Fair, monolids(but not sleepy like mine), aah..that triangle body, but not tall enough =.='' anyway, i got to to keep reminding myself that he is a boy, and boy had minds that is out from girl's planet. Girls tend to think A+B=C. Boys just think about C.  

I really need to explore the boy's world. Open their brain, shape shift myself into a tapeworm and dig inside it. *yuck* okay, so guys had to have space and freedom. That's all i know? Pathetic.i have issue on trusting, but i said i trust him, and i will learn that, hopefully. I'm over-sensitive, you leave me out here in the dark and my mind will simply think. I tried to bite my fingers off each time i'm about to stalk him, stalking him is NO GOOD. It shows that you can't trust him.
ARGH, my heart...over-jealous, thank god i met a super-shy vampire..

Oh boy..HEDGEHOGS!!!!
So the left, (supposingly male) is Chubbu and the right (supposingly female) is Chubbi.
like damn you can get hedgehogs each minimum Rm80 and Maximum up to to Rm350. I went on google to search for hedgehogs for sale in Malaysia and those most popular is albino hedgehogs..=.= i don't want albino.
Anyway, hopefully i can find a will make a pretty awesome present.


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