Wednesday, January 4, 2012


i am having fun with this new photo editor call PICNIK.
My future new album cover perhaps?
lol, BLEURGH~ i'm never gonna get myself into recording with this kind of lazy attitude.

My name is Ann Tan.
I live in Mars but i'm a vampire.
I own a space ship and a castle.
I fly in my space ship or if i'm lazy, i just shape shift myself into a bat
i feed on human blood but sometimes when i'm cruel, i just eat the whole body.

Collage. A series of my unfortunate hairstyles.
From Top Left : SHort bob, curly fluffy, sharp shaved, dull straight.

i'm still pushing my hair to grow longer so that i can have curls.
The longer it grow the thicker it is, thats the theory.
but for my hair, the longer it grows, the more hair it drops..


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