Friday, January 27, 2012

Today was a fairytale

so i went out for a movie date. Goodness, the whole place is like a mad stadium. You can't even identify whose head is whose, which body is attach to whose. LOL, and its only the cinema, the rest of the place is like a hot market. Don't know why people choose Friday to go out. Maybe they're all like me, enjoying this year last cny holiday.
and the show..=.='' dont know head don't know tail. Underworld, full of action pack, the gore looks hmm..unpain? i thought it would be a perfect movie, vampire +horror= favourite <3
and it ended soooo abruptly
so we went to UNO to eat..practically eat nothing..
and then hmm..a little bit of spice
and went home
i was called to go BaliBali~
but ended up not going ZzZz



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