Sunday, January 29, 2012

Safe and sound

even though i'm not that beautiful
not as stunning as those gorgeous girls
but nobody can ever love you like i love you

even though i'm not that outgoing
maybe not the type of girl that was found on your dream list
but those whom i love, will had that love forever

even though i try to add some spice each day
everything to make you happy, everything to make you smile
but i want you to do the same thing for me too

even though i may sound like your mother
telling you what to do and what not to do
but its because i care and want the best for you

even though i cover up my fears, my stray thoughts
my worries the fact that i'm hurting
because i miss you soo much

and when you smile, and when you're happy
but i am sad, and moody..
i will smile with you too
because i love you

(i simply simply think again....=.='')

V, you heard that? give me assurance...

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