Thursday, January 26, 2012

chinese new year gathering

yeah, i stick an alien there, because my face look totally freakish, while everybody look so radiant.So the food was expensive =.='' (to me , because i compare it to another better shop). and the soup portion was soo small, bbq portion was small too and lopsided ..>< and the organiser didnt even come.
WHAT?? well, at least we had fun sitting bare foot

my hair is growing thicker at the bottom, which is a good sign, but it got tangle up at the back, which is NOT A good sign at all. DAMAGE ALERT. i told myself i need to get myself a new look every year..hmm..let see.
13 years old: orginal natural hair
14 years old: Rebond it sleek straight and long
15 years old: Short a bit boyish cut
16 years old: long curly hair
17 years old: shoulder length hair
18 years old : ????
i really wish i can dye it..but urgh! so many objection.><

somehow i feel like if i wanna make a great change to my 2012 look, i just chop off my whole hair and had it sleek crop cut.Hmm..i wonder if my fat face can take that look or i am brave enough..
clear cut that i'm not, because i had been saying that i want to cut that crop pixie hair since i was 16 years old .
anyway, some guys don't really like girls with short hair right?

after that brief sort-of arguement with vampire on cny first day, he had been treating me extra good. Like it was sooo much better, because i voice out something, that i thought i shouldn't say it though. it's already 38 days that i knew him..though some say its pretty short, but we get to know each other really well. Its like these 38 days were atcually 380days.

my face is fat here. Here's the tortoise beside me. XD
somehow my heart screams out to me for some of my friends to understand what i am trying to NOT tell them directly. I guess this feeling was experienced by my tortoise friend though. Finally i get to understand what she had been going through all these months before. Still, now i am going through it alone. heck, i dont know wat am i talking about.
Worrying now..i pray for safety for ~V~


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