Sunday, January 15, 2012

The world as i see it

jason mraz-The world as i see it
Fell in love with Jason Mraz, suddenly all his songs sounds nice.
My stupid phone couldn't sent anything out at all since last night till now. Is this a sign that i should go change a new phone now? i want a smartphone,duh! But if my sister didn't keep up to her promise, i rather take my hard earn money go buy a really good camera =.=
I look like my original height here, SHORT! this gives me deja vu like when i was 13, i use to own this group at friendster called 'SHORTIES'. Maybe i should revive it up again for FB..O.O since i got nothing else better to do than do stare at the computer screen, drooling over hunger games, and let myself grow mouldy.

And about future. I got a shock when dad said, "give you one month to decide if music is really your thing." i thought he wouldn't say anything at all about music, but nah, i went through like hell ever friday and saturday. I saw how the boss had to be there EVERYDAY from morning till night nON-stop! of course you would be saying accountancy is worst than that, at least you get the pay as worth it as your working hours.

ok, i don't know how to translate this, 'fan tai sui' this year, WE DOGS are againts this year odds. erm..whatever it is, i don't know how to explain. So, i read it, we will face FAILURE and TROUBLES. so the first thing about failure that pops into my mind is SPM RESULT!! *gulp* and about trouble...hmm...i don't know.
I ask my mum to take me go pray, she look at me with unbelievable look.
guess, she wasn't that superstitious.
do something T.T


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