Saturday, January 14, 2012


Two years! Two freaking years and i finally get the answer. Yes! But once i'm tied with someone, i will be comited to it. Old readers who had follow me through thick and thins, if you guys ever wonder what happen to my usual blabber of J3, i finally got the answer. But i will have no regrets with vampire.

I've made up my own language ever since i start skyping. You see, each time someone is mad at you and about to scold you, i use the word 'MEOW'. Cute suppose to be 'chubbi' in hokkien dialect right? But then it was a mistake made with typing error, and our 'cute' turns into 'chubbu'.=.=
atcually, i realize i love to use this dots.....get what i mean? So, it comes naturally for the other to follow. And vampire love to double his question marks even though it is not that emergency..??

Urgh..waiting again..its 10.35. I wanna have more time with him!! but first, i sleep too early, second, he wake up too late. his working hours 11am-9.30pm
got a text from him..
he died..

rompers: Emcee Couture
Red ribbon sneakers: Bugis Street, Sg


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