Monday, January 2, 2012

opening my window

no matter what, i still think wearing skirt is comfortable, but then i feel very girly. i need a new makeover, i don't wanna be that girly, somebody need to bring me out of that ribbon fantasy world so that i can look at pants again.Preppy clothes, preppy clothes...look at them!!!! >.<

still that girly eh, i guess that is the way i am. I can't believe i'm 18 now, it's like i'm suppose to be in diapers and not in heels. I'm suppose to be dragging school bags that look like a coffin instead of not carrying anything at all. I'm suppose to be sitting at the fence watching my parents busy over me instead of preparing breakfast on my own after tomorrow.
i'm growing up already

i flip my whole bangs to the other side. i think i like it much that way but it is very hard for it to stay that way after soooo many years of the usual parting.
anyway, all these photos were taken at my new room.

by the way~ it's gonna be a week now


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