Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese new year 2012

i went through Chinese New Year with a swollen eye. HAHAHAHA..but i reminded myself that there are others more unfortunate than me, so i keep my mouth shut. I am not able to make up, and went around wearing a pair of sunglasses in case some people is rude enough to stare at my football eye. This year chinese new year, one thing for sure, i did not get THAT much ang pow, because i didn't stay long at my granny place.

but this year reunion meal is HUGE. like soooooo much until your pot belly is visible for everyone to see. tomato rice, ayam masak merah, steamboat, tomyam, fishballs after fishballs, nuggets after nuggets, cookies after cookies, fried food after fried food, drinks after drinks, cakes, desserts, soups,
even my face looks like food..a very FAT squash up hot dog.

my hair looks brown. Anyway, from Perlis, we make our way to Alor Star, and then go Sungai Petani, and then reverse back to Pendang, and then back to Alor Star again. So at Pendang, we had a horror movie marathon going on while eating Laksa. For the first time, i brave myself to open my eyes wide at the screen and stare back at the squish-up face of a thai girl that was dead after someone push her down from the top. Her head hit hard on the swimming pool side, whole thing crack with bits of bones splattered all over. Oh yeah, yummy

mummy and me
i get my January pay already, but its Rm200 short, because this week i'm having cny holiday. I either want to get myself a smartphone or get myself a worthy camera. I know nothing in choosing the best camera though.
just hope this Chinese New Year, everything will turn out well.
Luck Luck Luck
come to me, come to me, baby
I want good luck..

first day of chinese new year, already argue with three person. =..= i was close to tears, but someone cried. i apologize though, coz i feel bad. how can i make someone cry on CNY..=.='' lol..and then i blow up on the phone at another person.
he was being soooo inconsiderate.
scared that once i argue now, means argue the whole year trough..
hopefully this taboo aint true..

so tomorrow going for cny dinner with friends, friday go watch movie..and then, NO MORE HOLIDAY! ..
QTI this thursday ><
going to die of loneliness..


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