Monday, January 2, 2012


Last night was sooo touching. Before bedtime, i didn't bother anymore coz vampire took a long time to reply me. as i lay down on my bed, flip open my phone, i saw the longest message he ever sent to me..<3

the light overexpose my face >.<
Everybody is working now and suddenly i am thankful for having this job sooo much. You see, people work everyday and get around Rm500-Rm600. I work only 8 days per month and i get around Rm700++..
i suddenly feel that it is worth taking the bus all the way to perlis and spend my time there teaching.

still curly abit abit eh?waiting after cny go get a real good curl this time.
my boss call me down at saturday. he ask ask me which student had come previously so that he can jot it down. I told him without knowing that he is atcually planning to give me my pay. (its only half a month).
and then i realize the higher grade i taught, the more pay i get. I swallow all my complaints.

Then he treat me two pieces of secret recepie cheese cakes and two students bought me SLurpee ..T.T they bought me slurpee..T.T touching~ coz i'm suppose to buy them things instead of THEM..


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