Friday, November 2, 2012


before that pixlr was just a great vintage effect photo editor. but just recently i log into it and found out that they had reinvent a lot of stuff and this was one of the cool effect under (efficient photo editor) awesome gadget that i find it extremely addictive to play it around with my picture.
so this was one of the effect where you can practically see me behind me!

they had a number of awesome overlay to play around with it!
SOOOO many until you had a headache figuring out which to choose to add in on your photo (seeing that all seems like the best !)
anyway, this is just a brief post as i am undergoing a study marathon.
i've just been back from this 8 hours business study at tuition..
and aargh, my brain needs a time off, so here i am, blogging.

so yar, back to my
try it out! it's awesome!


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  1. ahh....that is the nov month of lower six... mainly because they need to squeeze in all the sylibus before next refresh in dec before next year, or next year will be crazy as u'll be learning new stuff and stil need to go through stuff u learned but not too sure....hehe :)


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