Saturday, November 24, 2012

exceed blog photo quota

this apparently sucks when you had that kind of mood to write a dozen and one things about your vacation and the whole picassa thingy said
"sorry, you had used up all you 1GB (such a stingy memory space it gave me) please upgrade it"
and there you go clicking the UPGRADING thingy thinking that it is free and easy but to your shock horror

there it write 2.99USD per month!
now, heck, i'm just a student without a credit card
how on earth am i going to fork up money just to buy extra space for me to upload my vain pictures!??!

thanks ANNICK!
i flew to her straight on after i encounter this problem
she gave me tumblr, another free photo web hosting thingy.
its an extra work but anything to keep my baby blog moving!!!
anyway, thanks alot ANNICK THE TOMATO
here, you can go visit her blog
i hope it still survive.
talk about that, 
i'm still utterly too freak out to start on my post.




  1. ooo that sucks! but will check out coz sooner or later...that photo quota will also hit me.

  2. I just ran into that problem too...I went online to my Picasa web album and deleted some photos I didn't need- and the problem seems to be fixed...for now. Let me know how Tumblr works out for you :)



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