Thursday, November 8, 2012

My marshmallow brown hair

or maybe i can change the post title to "my not-so-there marshmallow colour brown hair"
But it can only be seen if you just throw a spotlight over me.
Anyway, YEHLLO guys! My Economy exam was so-so, i guess it's easier than all the previous three subjects (all like dogs!)
But this afternoon, i went TOO early to attend the exam and there was not even a ghost there. Seriously, studying in an all boys' school FREAKS me out. (my school is only co-ed for certain grades like Pre-U, which i am currently studying in now)
so you get all the stares from ALL your juniors because probably seeing the only girl there wandering around the school like a lost puppy "stimulates" them.
thank god i found my own peer in the canteen or else i'll be running back home like a todler running back to his mummy.
you see, when i have long fringe, it's best to sweep it to the other side of your head like this (picture above) as it will look like you had just blow dry your hair to make it puffy.
that is what i love about long fringes.
but dang, i still think short fringe suits me though.
HA! it only took me 3 months to outgrow my short fringe, so don't fret readers who had short bangs.
Just wait out for three months and you be able to poof your fringe.
gonna sleep now.
oass my bedtime.
and oh yeah, there's a few comments (about 6) and i couldn't find the time to view it yet,whoever that is! i will tend to it as soon as i find a great time (because now my internet connection damn slow and i have the urge to hammer my SUPER SLOW netbook)
sorry !
love love.. had dinner and smiles yoghurt just now love


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