Saturday, October 27, 2012

just a little riddle

 ola, just back from a HECTIC and tiring day. i sat for four hours straight and thank god my butt is not flatter than the ironing board.
i followed dad to this seminar on PA at penang and dang, was i feeling alienated at 170 pairs of strangers' eyes looking at me curiously.
but anyway, morning, i had a short time shopping at queensbay, but ended up buying too little. aargh, 

 studying! my study mood~~is deteriorating!
down down down, each time i study, i will look forward to wat i'm going to do when i STOP studying. so basically, i put down my books and daydream about what will i do when I AM Not studying . which does not make sense because once i daydream, i am NOT studying.

 Ohhhh so adorable!!! ( no i mean the orange fellow!) Ernie got himself a new girlfriend! weeee
he's soooooooooo cute *sigh* i wish my future son will look like that..haha (of course, minus the orange skin..yikes!)

 my terrible with the clothes. i don't know how to draw the clothes thingy ..hee..but i guess the eyes are okay. atcually, he's one of my book character called Legend. i created him and he's a beast hunter. 
haha, that novel had long lost into neverland, i don't know where the bloody hell did i misplace it. all 91 pages gone, and all left was this picture ==

 so readers, i've been thinking hard for my new BLOG DOMAIN.
you see, people just couldn't pronounce my blog domain correctly when you conjoin FATIGUE and CHIC together, 
it just sounds like

and i've been getting healthier now, so why keep labeling myself as fatigue right?
haha, so i've been playing around domains concerning my name
for example like
or even more plain and lacklustre name like
there! plain and simple, and people would remember it always!

still choosing, so don't worry readers, i'll inform you guys 


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