Sunday, November 25, 2012

First day to Singapore

my day started like any other day. i have no idea why on earth we decided to go by car. it really is a pain the ass to travel from the north malaysia (kedah) all the way to the south of malaysia(johor).
10 hours to your destination, have fun in seeing your butt flat and practically looks like nothing but a squashed pancake.
but! we stop by KL for one night (thank god) and JB for another night.

an epic moment. moments before i board the bus over to singapore.
anyway, i traveled in all sorts of way to singapore before. The best was of course with the plane! DUH!
that was like the easiest and i travel the whole thing alone! that was my first flight experience ALONE. so i didn't get lost or abducted or anything. but if you throw me into a bus, i might have go to the wrong one or get down at the wrong place.
so to put it in a nutshell, plane is the best!

I'm wearing
Top: Nichii
Jeans: Romp
flats: Brands outlet
bag: adidas
mum ask me to wear long pants on the way there because it will be freezing cold in the bus, but dang, it was melting hot for me the whole way walking to the bus station. 
note to self: wear a short next time

non make up look

and we finally reach there! at Bugis junction! my sister came to meet us and we had lunch at the food court there. 
for the first time we didn't sleep at my aunt's house because we didn't want to be a burden to her. furthermore i heard that my couzzy is sitting for her O Level, so all the more not to go and disturb them!
sorry couzzy!!!

anyway, thank god my sister book a hotel right across the street of Mustafa centre.
yup, the saying goes like this
"foolish tourist shop in orchard road, smart tourist shop in Mustafa centre"
you can't imagine how big the whole place is!!!
even though it may look like a hypermarket from the outside, it is like a never ending mine inside the building!
i shall talk about it later.
so here it is, 
my first part of singapore.



  1. Okay I'm leaving another comment LOL...You look great! You were very brave to fly alone. I'm still trying to work up the courage to do that. I love's just the getting-to-my-plane part that worries me. ;)


  2. You look awesome! I want to go to Singapore too though. hehe :) anyway, I find your blog really fantastic so I'm your new follower. I would be glad if you follow me back. I hope we can be good friends =))

    Rae :3

  3. Hey pretty :) Just found your blog ^^


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