Monday, November 5, 2012

obsessed with stats

had a lousy yesterday but after the tough exam of general paper, 8 of us went to go eat PAN MEE and that totally cool us off . 
I've been thinking thoroughly and yar, maybe keeping this blog would be a wise thing after all. 
I went to go and reinvent all the layouts for a fresh look
and i've got to say thank you to one particular person for constantly commenting on my blog without fail! 
thanks Daniel~~ and yesterday's comment was the BLAST!

 Here's what he wrote 
i think u should write what u wanna write and say whatever u want to say... why do u blog? say what u have to say or to please ur readers? so what if u get plastic surgery (which i do not condone) so what if u post lovey dovy stuff... so what if u get critics for a certain post? so what if u are vain with a post just full of pics of yourself? anyways if ppl feedback to matter its bad or good, as long as there is feedback, means ppl are reading ur blog...doesnt matter if they like it or not, u are having 'traffic'... it is a matter of can u get them to subscribe and comeback and continue reading... i dont think a reader would be affected by a single bad post... or a bunch of post/type of post which doesnt suite a certain type of reader... :) (mayb u should consider different blogs for different type of post then) what is the main reason of you having a blog with so many followers?

and uhuh! what is the reason of having a blog with so many followers! yup, i've thinking about that too. Blogging is just a way to express whatever thoughts you have. My obsession of constantly checking my stats and followers is just gonna pull me down from my seat.
So why bother?
let it come naturally
so i'm going on with my OOTD label as soon as my exam ends!
ROCK ON babe~~~

*i notice my face getting fatter and fatter like a pancake being thrown squash flat onto a window pane*
time to control my eating~~~



  1. wow...thanks for the mention... haha!
    you stil have not answered the question though......or there is no answer to it? :)

  2. lol..erm the question on why you should need followers? haha, so that you KNOW you have readers, so that YOU KNOW your feeds will appear on their blog dashboard even though its up to them to click it or not..hee

  3. It came to my mind also to stop blogging and all but the deleting process and all make me realize not to. :)
    Just keep on blogging and be inspired. Your stats will soon go up and up, don't worry about it. :)



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