Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tong Pak Fu

Tong Pak Fu is in Gurney Drive, Penang.
I saw another branch though along the road.
 i love this the most!!! Brownie with ice cream.
god, this brownie is not just an ordinary brownie, it's warm, its rich, its just...burst with flavour, and it's no doubt that plus ice cream, its a wonderful delight dessert!
mmmm, you can feel the brownie melt into your mouth.
AARGH!!! freaking love this.

 so basically this stores offer more of this ice shave thingy.
above pic is green tea.
unlike many ice shave store that i had tasted, this shop offers a much richer flavour. 

 the black sesame *what?* ball. 
atcually, i had a hard time eating this because i personally don't like black sesame and i the ball thingy had no taste.
they should put some paste inside it instead of just letting it naked.

 this is the chocolate ice shave.
sorry, it looks a bit disgusting, because i ate it halfway and forgot to snap it. so here it goes.
there's a lot more dessert in Tong pak fu!
it's sooooooooo much variety till you have a hard time choosing it, because you just want to taste it all!
argh! i want to eat there again!

a family picture.
sorry i spoil the pic by sticking out my tongue.
tee hee
but the pic is not from Tong Pak Fu
it's frm xuan xin restaurant which is a bit costly.
no worry, both of the meal were paid by my bro though.
poor fella.



  1. I like your blog so much! Would you like to follow each other? :)

  2. black sesame ball, i love them! i know many people would find my fondness to them is kinda weird, but i just find them tasty hhhahaha. love the food photos, all look so delish!

  3. Uuummm pychaa !!! Aż mi zrobiłaś smaka :)
    Tak poza tym to masz piękne włosy , jak o nie dbasz ? Pewnie w twoim kraju wszyscy takie mają :) Zazdroszczę !!

  4. Delicious!!!!!! Would you like to follow each other? let me know or you can follow me and I will follow you back:) xoxo

  5. the ice shavings look yum! i suddenly miss the ones we tried in hong kong.


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