Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm wearing Kitschen

 Behind the wheels?
atcually these will be the final pictures of my lovely 9 months old olympus mirrorless camera. 

i decided to take over mum's unwanted camera 
(She regretted buying it right after she bought it)

now tell me, how painful is that to see such a brand new camera beind dump like that, right? 
so since my camera manufacturing date is like 2010, why not opt for something new like 2011, right?
I shall do a review and comparisson between my Epl1 olympus and Nikon V1

 My olympus FAIL to take a NICE self potrait shot of me. SInce it's heavy, it is really hard for me to adjust my angle to self shot myself. 
Every single pic, my picture never fails to scream FAT at me.
Of course if that is a reality that i am atcually FAT (in the face), who doesn't want to take thin photos anyway. RIGHT!?
and my camera is SLOW
maybe it a 2 year old product that it is still not that advance yet. 
Since it WAS the first generation of mirrorless camera.

 O.O a male model standing beside me. 
HA! just a passerby . 
one thing that i like about my olympus was that it took GREAT scenery shots.
the colour contrast was superb. but AGAIN~
when it comes to potrait, the colour of your skin darkens. and whatever, maybe i'm not a pro photographer, so i can't say much.

 A close freaking shot of me.
I haven't took this angle before because 
1.My face looks huge
2nd. My eyes look small
3rd. My nose looks lumpy.
But i'm just comparing shots of my Olympus. Yup, they manage to capture even your flaws (as in pimples, wrinkles, dots, and freckles)

 movie date!
we went to watch James Bond : Sky Fall
i don't understand why people said it wasn't that nice.
But seeing the hard stunts and the great action pack, 
you got to salute the whole movie
though, this time the bond girl didn't play much role in that film
Adele singing for the theme song was BEYOND PERFECT!

 see? my olympus camera focuses on both of us while blurring the background.
great job!
but it was too yellowish, 
which i took ages to minimize the saturation.
After the movie, we went to Viet Cafe, seeing that TM corner was full of people.
god knows what is the ocassion since it's WEDNESDAY! not a freaking weekend.

 outfit of the night!
Top: Kitschen (i freaking love this blouse damn nice! cost Rm60)
Skirt: Emcee Couture (about Rm30, i guess)
Bag: My birthday gift!
Shoes: Crocodile (Rm70)

Here it is, again, my olympus did wonders again. It focuses on my mum (the object) and blurred the background. 
I wonder how Nikon V1 turns out

anyway guys, 
oh yeah, but i'm so bored until i guess there's no harm going online.



  1. cool post! following your blog now. <3

  2. i totally love the cutout detail on your shirt!! you look amazing <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. Thanks for the love hon, I'm following you now!

  4. sooo adorable!!!!! i love your pics!!!! get better dear!! <3

  5. Great score on the camera!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  6. You're not fat. You're lovely.

    I like the name of your blog. Why can I not come up with cool names like that? lol


  7. hi sweetie.. thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    you have a really nice blog too..
    and yes of course it would be nice to follow each other ;)
    i'm already following u now..
    hope you would follow me back ;)


  8. Am wearing a dress by Kitschen now...heading off for lunch! I always have a good laugh with this label coz the hubby will be asking "why are you a weird label named kitchen" and continue "why is someone labelling their clothes kitchen". this despite telling him there is the letter S in the name and its just the speed of speaking that it sounds like kitchen. LOL>


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