Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Singapore Sentosa Island Luge and skyride

tadaa! me and my luge ride helmet!
i do have the pictures of me riding the luge thing, but my sister didn't uploaded it yet. 
dad paid 20$ (singapore dollar) for each of us and for three rides. 
TRUST ME, TWO rides is enough to kill your excitement!
but it was fun!

This is a luge!
its easy to learn how to drive it, and believe it or not, i went down the hill like crazy racer trying to overtake my sister who are way even insane than me without even bother hitting the brakes even when we turn to a bend!

this is the luge and the skyride! 
kinda fun right!? i think driving the luge is the funnest. there are two trails , one is the dragon trail while the other is the jungle trail. 
the dragon trail has more sharp bends than the jungle trail though and (the track is new!so do try it out)

before you go for the luge thingy, you have to sit this skyride up the hill first. this is my sister and my bro girlfriend up there. ahaha, the background is beautiful right? behind them is the SONG OF THE SEA which only operates during at night with musical waterfalls and everything . 

ahaha, an epic picture where i pretend i could step on that luge driver
the skyride was great (for first timers) i wore sandals and spent the whole half ride worrying if my sandals would just slip off and hit on anybody's head.
thankfully, its not that critical as you think off.

and yarh, you have to carry some luge to the station for them to recycle and let you use it for the ride.

me and my sister on the bus to travel to each stations in sentosa island.
its was great riding the luge, but again, i shall stress it once more. 
after the second time, going to the third and final ride was a pain.
you go through the whole thing again and again.
talk about boring.
but for first timers! like me! 
a ride
to remember!

Final pic with me and my mum!
okay guys! this was worth the ride!
try it! it's fun! but don't get greedy! 



  1. nice experience :) id love to try sometime

  2. looks funs, hopefully one day can try it~ XD

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  8. Ooh I missed out on doing this when I went on holiday to Singapore two years ago but omg Centosa was breathtakingly beautiful.

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  13. I've tried this ride before,it's so awesome and the price is awesome too XD


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