Thursday, November 8, 2012

My no make up look

 Okay, i admit, it was the lighting that gave me a fairer looking skin.
i'm considering changing my blog domain to
                     OR (which sounds like a car system term)
so i'm going to cross out that.

 I'm a monolid. 
In many opinion, a lot would say that girls look beautiful and gorgeous with clear double eye lid whiles guys should just stick to monolid.(most korean guys still look good looking with their single eye lids)
so which makes my case kinda sad,
coz i'm afraid of getting under the knife just to achieve THAT look just for vanity.

but who cares anyway. There's such thing call MAKE UP, which (okay, just temporary, and it takes up time) 
I was watching MTV the other day and they said another way to make your lips pout like Lana Del Rey was to put cinamon powder on your lips. It just puckers up the blood system making it pout. 
here's my pouty lips (above)
kiss me kiss me!

yar, i kinda got that later in the morning. 
it seems soooo fresh after i woken up, but right now, it just drain out. 

i watch Cabin in the Woods last week after Dan lent the disc to me . (talk about that, i still haven't given him back yet)
and dang, the story plot is not what i had expected. I apparently spotted a lot of monsters around the whole horror movies era in that particular show. 
and my face was exactly like PATRICK (picture) above agaiN!
i thought the movie would be great since CHris Hemworth was starred in it.
nothing but plain fake.

*going Penang tomorrow till Sunday to attend this grand military theme wedding! my bro will be holding the sword for the bride!*



  1. Hey hun! Please do not consider surgery!! You are so beautiful and young and cute! and yes, there is make up, but you look even beautiful without it! following now!

  2. you look so pretty without the make up on, girl :)

  3. you look just as fine without makeup.
    hey, thanks for following. followed you back.

  4. you look so nice without make up
    kisses from italy
    following you hope you will follow back


  5. You are so pretty!!! would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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