Friday, November 30, 2012

i hate it when this things happen

tonight is MAMA in HK! but i am here unhappy and stressed
cuz i hate it when my family fights and you are pull into it because their faces would sent a flying bird dead to the ground.
this terrifies me!
like seriously!!
sheesh, why can't they get use to the word "SORRY"?
and why do they have to be soo mad at me just because i happen to be living under the same roof.
wuwu T.T

I'm scared.
if this thing happens all the time, you probably see me tearing my hair out of my roots!
just a minute everybody was joking around and suddenly it turns upside down and you feel like you've been thrown into a hovercraft.

My close up face.
you know things would be easier if i just ignore it
but how could you ignore it when you probably had to face them !?
family feuds.
i loathe it!
don't ask me what happen today, 
i just wish i can go to bed early, take up a novel and read before i go to sleep as usual.
that would lighten up the tension.

so this morning i had a fight.
thankfully it all ended up well.
and parents!?

hopefully i can be as ignorant as my mum is
my dad's face is like the thunder god mix up with bad incredible hulk's facial expresion.



  1. just a little family drama..after all we fight with the person whom we love the most :) so cheer up

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  3. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Sweetie your post make me smile! Really funny face!


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  5. Thanks for checking out my blog hun! Following back :) Keep in touch! xo

  6. Great post Dear ! You've got such a pretty face :)love this close up face pic <3 ...would You like to follow each other ? just let me know

    have a great weekend !


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