Saturday, November 3, 2012

My blog dumping

There's a big tendency to just give up my this blog and start a new chapter in another one. 
don't ask me why, the fact that i did a lot of fugly remarks on my blog , post tooo many vanity pictures of myself (is that a crime?) or the fact that this blog doesn't seem alive to give me enough sentimental feeling.

you see, i'm 18, there's gonna be a real horrified expression of my future readers when they click on the 2010 blog list just to see that i might have gone through plastic surgery or what.

and oh yeah, i've been thinking a great big deal of doing a for it in the future (when i have my OWN credit card or big enough to get myself a blog designer)
i know there's such thing call "reverting ur old blog to a so that your previous entries will not just POOF become nothing"

so i'm really facing a big head issue whether to just dump this blog and start anew or (oh please followers, follow me back ) reconstruct my whole sick looking blog.

you see, i wanted to do a lot of new labels recently. 
TRAVEL (which i had just recently added in) OOTD (outfit of the day! even though my label CLOSET seems a quarter similar to it) FOOD (i realize looking at foods at other blogs would really open my appetite) and lastly LOVE (which i had already had, but it was sooo lovey dovey  that i deleted a few of the entries away cause it may cause possible nauseus to readers)

you see? I regretted a lot of things posted on my blog, so don't blame me that one day i'm just gonna abandon this 2 years old blog and go get a new "boyfriend" ..==



  1. i think u should write what u wanna write and say whatever u want to say... why do u blog? say what u have to say or to please ur readers?

    so what if u get plastic surgery (which i do not condone) so what if u post lovey dovy stuff... so what if u get critics for a certain post? so what if u are vain with a post just full of pics of yourself?

    anyways if ppl feedback to matter its bad or good, as long as there is feedback, means ppl are reading ur blog...doesnt matter if they like it or not, u are having 'traffic'... it is a matter of can u get them to subscribe and comeback and continue reading... i dont think a reader would be affected by a single bad post... or a bunch of post/type of post which doesnt suite a certain type of reader... :) (mayb u should consider different blogs for different type of post then)

    what is the main reason of you having a blog with so many followers?

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Following you now! Kisses from VV!! :)


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