Wednesday, November 14, 2012

mother and daughter with a hot red lipstick

i'm sick!!!!!!!!
argh!! just yesterday morning i woke up with a super dry throat and i was thinking maybe it was because of the air con that dries up my throat
AIR CON sucks! at night, it dehydrate your throat, dehydrate your skin, sucks up you moisture, and leave dandruff on your scalp!
curse it
but then, it gots worst today

cuz yesterday since early in the morning till night i was out.
I went to penang with my mum first
and then we had to walk under this SUPER hot oven (the sun) for about five minutes finding the camera shop
and i didn't bring any hats or umbrella
and in the evening i went to the movies with my friends
and damN!
later at night i ate fried rice with fried chicken
oh great!
my mum just warn me not to get sick or else my upcoming singapore trip is just gonna be wasted
i must be fit to go there!! argh!! i need to get all my sister's clothes back!!
so this morning i drank a whole glass of honey
drank lots of water
but i can feel there's something not right with me today

~~~in love with red lipstick~~~~
went INGLOT shopping!



  1. you and your mom look so lovely! i adore spending time with my mother, it's so fun.

    lindsey louise

  2. Pretty!!:)

    A chic kiss ;)

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