Monday, November 26, 2012

i'm sorry

today was the first time he didn't sent her a goodnight text.
she nearly cried her eyes out.
but all she knows was its all her doing.
why , oh why she demand so many stuff when he gave her his all
why , oh why nothing seems to satisfy her
why, oh why couldn't she keep her mouth shut and be happy just for one day

no, this is him
and that is her
what could you expect from both of them
from two different world

 she couldn't sleep
nor could she even eat
she wanted so badly to phone and make sure he's alright
but all she get was a bullshit

this is harder than she thought it would be
this is even harder for him 

one minute they are okay, 
another minute she pulls off and said he done something wrong
she's a nightmare
how could he stand her anyway
i shook my head, thinking if he still sticks on, that girl should marry him

but one thing he should remember
he loves her and she loves him
if both hearts are join together what can possibly destroy the strings that bind them?

Even though she demands a lot, she gave a lot too
even though he tries to make it up to her, he didn't run away even if things get unbearable

if words can describe how much she loves him
it would be more than writing in a dictionary or an encyclopedia
she wanted him to know for all he did
she knows, she remembers, and she would give him back for all she could

praying hard he won't leave her because people do have limits
people do have a time where they gave up due to tiredness 
that they willing to throw everything to get the hell out of hell.

did you read it?
she loves you 



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