Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy birthday to my BESTIE Jovelle!

I'm gonna give a huge shout out to my bestie of three years, Jia wen a.k.a Jovelle!
It's her birthday today! and this is as much as i can do as she is now too far from me *wipe tears*
Happy birthday my dear bestie! it's your 18th birthday! you're legal! whaha, 
and you're turning into a gorgeous pretty young woman who had someone behind your back to support you.

so my bestie, here's a memory journey troughout our epic moments
you had been sitting beside me since 16. damn, it was pretty akward at that time because both had negative thoughts over each other. i thought she was snobbish while she thought i was stuck up (no difference eh?)
but we get along as time flies. seeing that there's only six (at that moment) chinese girls in one class, we were pretty close. 
Together with Xin Ning, my dear summer leao, we are ALWAYS close together.
things brought us together after joining the drama team

tadaa! she edited the pictures and put it as profile pic! awwh! that's sweet!

drama pushes us closer. After that we were not total strangers anymore. things goes on and on and on until we reached 17 . 
Oh boy, that's the most memorable year i had with you.
Seeing that we still sat together, heck! i still remember you keep hanging up plastic bags in between our tables. and when the rubbish kept piling up, the plastic bag just would not stay up. 
that's hilarious.

and another thing that you always love to do.
was tying my hair.
yup, you kept tying my hair.
ann tan here, ann tan there.
wahaha, we always tease you about your red cheeks that we nickname you Tomato. and after xin ning created your nickname jovelle, we started calling you Jovello de Tomato.
just make you laugh, and poof! you turn as red as my red hot lipstick.

our failed pictures.
you are always girly, but damn, whenever we eat together, you're the slowest to finish.just by walking you took slower pace,dreamily doing things  so later and later, we called you tortoise.
you had sooo many nicknames eh?
but all so cute, so don't get offended!^^

tadaa! all our pictures! you came into my house despite the fact that probably you are really scared over my parents being too strict. i appreciate that. remember i let you watch a part of HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 and we nearly turn into goofballs?

we went through a lot, not to mention , we hardly fought. but the only fights we had was when you just commented on how i should act and should not act, we ended up not talking. (i'm totally over sensitive)
and the only thing that bond us back was 
"hey, you want some cabonara spaghetti?" you ask
and seeing that Xin Ning had been eating it like it was the best damn food, i gave in and poof! we're back to talking together again!

before school ended, you gave us a book to write whatever thing we wanna say to you. believe it or not, i wrote the longest! what is it? around 4 pages long? haha! 
guess i know you much much better right?

i still remember my dad went ballistic at school. he thought i skip school after someone saw me pop into one car and drove off. the truth was i just went to the petrol station to get some lunch before starting our extra classes.so when we went back, there was my dad ordering me to pack my bags and go back. damn all of my friends couldn't ate their noodles after that, worrying if my father would break my neck or something.
really grateful of them for worrying of me.

and jovelle gave me a smurf for my birthday! haha!
and she and my lovely friends did a big card with all our pictures glued on it. i was really happy! you really brought me to life! like i really feel that i belong ! finally after so many years, i always feel out of place, but you guys really bring me in, accepted who i really am, and we were a clique! 

and lastly jovelle, i can't say how much i really thank you for all the things you did for me! going through a lot, listening and reply my text when i had problems, gave me a really damn good advice and even search for a ukelele for my birthday! celebrated my bday too!
i was soo happy! 
i hope i am the one who you seek for help and advice too, as i have been such a baby around you.
i hope distance never keep our friendship apart!
and don't even forget us!
never! i won't forget you guys, even though some of us may drift apart
but our memories together at school,
will always remain the same
they say during schooling years
was the best year ever
and your friends will always be the same

love you, bestie!
happy birthday! this is the best i can do for you!
sorry for the late post!
hugs and kisses


  1. you both are toooo cute
    love the striped sweater
    x the cookies

  2. happy happy birthday to your dearest BF :)
    you two look absolutely cute and like sisters!
    such a sweet post :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. nice baloon :D
    join to my giveaway :)

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  5. cool pics! :) your are so cute! :)

    If you want, you can show my blog and see my new pics from trip to Italy!:) Greetings from rainy Poland :)

  6. Great photos... soooo much funnn..... you two looks like sisters....

  7. aw you guys are so sweet yeah true
    friends went a lot of hardships..
    hey just followed you..
    lets follow each other.. thanks!`


  8. You are both cute! Malaysians are really pretty.
    I love your beauty.
    Keep posting cause I love your blog.
    I am following you ow,
    Please follow back.


  9. happy birthday to your dearest friend! and you both are so lovely :) and replying to your comment on my blog, yes i would never go out showing my belly like that too, that's why it was an indoor photoshoot for the post ;p anyway where are you staying right now?

  10. Hello , Ann :) thanks for following my blog :)
    it's really nice to know that you have your bestie , I don't have one :(
    well, some friends not best friend . hehehe


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