Friday, November 9, 2012

What's in my cupboard (non-edit)

 Yup, it must be the study heat that i have to tie my hair .  
greetings earthlings! 2molo i shall embrace myself to a great week of vacation 
arrrgh~ i'm gonna miss you

 my hair turns out like this after i twist and tied it into a bun. 

 Okay.. so here's the real thing! (face)
I'm getting really broke these days so don't expect me to show you guys some great EXPENSIVE wallet-a-hole product. 

So from left:
  • Simple soothing toner
  • Boots eye and lip make up remover (too oily)
  • two Body Shop vitamin serum (great product!! great product!!!)
  • Kose Moisture skin repair rice powder essence (must put before sleep)
  • Kose moisturise emulsion (don't really use, too milky)
  • Sebamed deep cleansing facial toner (gonna finish already)
  • Artistry Amway blemish clear control 
  • Sebamed clear gel 
  • T3 scar and acne serum (works wonder!)
  • Body shop make up remover (sooo soothing!)
  • *behind* deep down detox ultra cleansing mud mask (using weekly)

Hair and other stuff
from left
  • Bed head (great product for curly hair, but too sticky though)
  • Liese designing jelly for wavy hair (useless?)
  • Gatsy hair styling foam (ha! haven't use that for ages!)
  • Lucidol styling wave (a soso ok product)
  • Maybeline baby lips (works okay, but easily absorb)
  • Lee stafford poker straight flat iron protection (super nice scent)
  • Watson nail polish remover (never really use it)
  • Bloop pink nail polish (i have loads more )
  • Fruit of the Earth skin care (the smell not really my liking)
  • Nivea whitening roll on deodorant (LOL!)

 perfume and other stuff

  • proactive interlude (somebody told me i smell like cheap market)
  • Kose mask (i haven't use that for ages so i don't dare to touch it)
  • Christian Dior Miss Dior (at least somebody know how to appreciate the scent!)
  • Burberry (best scent ever i had soo far)
  • Escada into the blue (loL! that was how many century ago!)

My collection of headbands and hairbands!
gonna keep adding it cuz i'm in love with all of that!

so how's my collection?



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  2. your sense of style feels so right for me

  3. Fine and delicate details of style!

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