Saturday, December 1, 2012

World's largest oceanarium

this is what it suppose to look like.(taken from google)

and this is me looking at nothing. 
okay, i was there at the first opening of Singapore WORLD largest oceanarium. 
dad paid a lot for each of us (but i haven't a slightest idea what is the exact amount) it's not the grand opening yet, the grand opening is on the 7th of Dec.
so you can imagine how we walked through the whole thing within 20 mins. 
the only breath taking moment was this (pic above) 
it is soooooooooooooooo huge that your eyes just go O.O!!

this was the exhibition about how some area, fishermen fish like that!

and this was the very first thing you set your eyes on. huge huge HALF ship. haha
okok, i do exaggerate that there is no fish in that. here's the atcual pic from my camera. but i expect there will be big sharks ..mwahaha, but the biggest thing in it was a leopard skin stingray.

and ooh! i saw Patrick from Spongebob!! hahaha, not exactly what you picture him eh? i held that starfish and i expect it to suck my palm from its back but nah, this thing is totally unmovable. 

my mum and my sis
standing below somewhat look like ..? lol!and again, shall i say, do you see any fishes there?

okok, i lied again,. there are fishes! tadaa! 

so i guess if you wanna go somewhere, go something that is officially opened, don't waste money on something that is really lack of everything.



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