Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coming Soon (photoshoot)

 here's just a group shot of our school's top students. ==
if you atcually squint, i'm over there right beside a pull and bear red jacket that cost Rm200++ giant.

i look soooo short and mini..==

yar, the moment when your parents had to be present just to snap a photo with you infront of hundreds of people watching below.

 yup, coming soon!
it was an itchy and hot evening, but i am willing to sacrifice everything to give them poses ..lol!
and it was pretty akward to have only two model and five photographers?

special thanks to Sjing lim, Wei Yunn, Daniel Ting and his friend, Yiying kee!
and thanks to Jesslyn Loh too!

more updates coming soon, i've only get this two for the day.
can't wait!


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