Thursday, April 12, 2012

Minutes before the earthquake

 so in the end, i postpone my photoshoot and movie just to follow my parents to Penang for god don't know what.
Then since we're at penang, i HAD to go watch Hunger Games, but!
at queensbay, 12.03 AM!!! midnight? what? who watch show at this sick hour?

 then, we purposely drove all the way to Gurney Drive to catch the 12.45 hunger game show..
when we climb all the way to the top, we had a shock *horror face* of our lives.
People were atcually lining up till the escalator (wait, there's more!)
till they atcually form a whole big circle ==
 i like this picture! ^^
and Hunger Games was 'fast selling'.
Dad say since we purposely drive all the way there, we must Line up for it, no matter what. So i join the 'circle' and then after 15 minutes, Hunger Games was sold out.
this is my stupid dissapointed face ---> /w\

 so, i what also don't have. Photoshoot don't have, movie don't have, hunger games also don't have. SO i indulge myself to another shopping spree,..
i swear my whole month salary is now EMPTY

 outfit for the day.
everytime i buy new clothes, i wear it as soon as possible!
so these are the clothes that i bought it at KL recently.

blouse: Shopalot
beige skinny pants: Romp
Shoe: brands outlet
brown bag: vintage baggie@ sungei wang
hairband: Metrojaya accessories 

 having fun taking pictures at Gurney.
little did i know =='' that half an hour later, there was an earthquake
they say everybody ran out for their lives, if i was there, i probably freak out too, because there were vision of the whole shopping mall collaspe into pieces on us.

i was sad man, because mummy didn't want to go back to Queensbay anymore.
i saw Forever21 SALE!!! >w<
instead after she bought two clothes from Parkson, she sat down and just wait for me to all i went was to Fourskin (again!^^) Padini concept store, Kitschen and nichii.
I saw Topshop had 50% sale man!! == but i was too broke to go in there

 the colours of the green BURST out to my camera .
anyway, after that, i treat myself CHATIME ..bubble milk tea!!! my favourite my favourite my favourite..

 i mentioned before that i need to start BLOOGING about stuff i own and bought instead of uploading vain pictures of myself ==
so here it is!
i bought this at VINCci! finally! i found this BROGUE SHOE!!!
I've been finding it all over KL man, and it's either too low quality or not worth the money. The one at Cotton On cost Rm129.90, i almost took it to the counter thinking that it was Rm79.90 ==''
i admit this brogue that i bought is still expensive,but at least it is worth the quality..

i have no idea i had polkadots head pieces.
so yesterday i bought the (left headband) from Fourskin.
the middle one was at Metrojaya
and the red headband was at Cotton On.
note to myself: stop buying polkadot item..


haiz, tomorrow working again!



  1. thanks for your lovely comment <3 you're so sweet.
    i still love your outfits and ahhww those shoes!!!
    nessi from hungary (


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