Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm a crazy girl

i miss my long hair BADLY ) :
but i got to cut something, but..why cut soo short ) :
urgh, i think girls look prettier with long hair, i mean no offence short hair girls, short hair girls look CUTE
long hair girls look more like ME, ANN!
and i'm stuck here with  a retarded FRINGE !! =o=
aah,spot me on tortoise phone?? spot it?? no?
anyway, yar, there was an earthquake just now. I felt it while lying lazily like a pig on the floor, then i crawl up, and open the door because the door was shaking like mad
anyway, just minutes ago i was at Penang, walking along the sea, snapping photos of myself. the next minute there was an earthquake in Indonesia?
anyway, i shall talk about it later. O.O
look at my hair! *cry*
it's sooo long,
now i envy every long hair girl out there
they just look like shampoo ads or comercial
see? see? my hair was down at my waist already if i keep it longer!
nevermind nevermind, i told myself that i can have that length of hair again next year..
NEXT YEAR!?!? ==''
that's like nine months to go, and 9 months ain't short man.
I hate my STRAIGHT lacklustre HAIR! just waiting for the right length and get it PERm!!
grow faster please ==
=='' don't know what was i thinking
if i had accepted the offer today, i would have already been at Singapore attending their orientation.
but here's my plan.
Right now, i will wait for UPM for the answer if i am accepted for their music course. Meanwhile, i will go to form 6 WHILE waiting for UPM.
(i've already register for MUET)
if i didn't hear from them until June,
i will go for UCSI september Intake!!


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