Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Make Up before and after

this is my finished look
first thing, i am not so good in make up == though i do think after making up, i look hell lot different!
i can never draw straight line (even using rulers), so you can expect the hell when i'm using eye liners.
so for this look, i didn't even put on eye liner or eye shadow! HECK! hahahahaha

 ok, first thing first, as usual, put foundation and compact powder.
and then! my essential stuff, double eye lid sticker!
(left original, right sticker!)
so which eye is prettier? of course right wan right??
and my eyebrow need trimming by the way ==

 left:fake eye lashes, right: didn't have any fakes yet.
and oh yeah, besure to clip on your original lashes, apply mascara then only you put in your fake eye lashes ==
then clip on both fake and original lashes together to blend in

finishing look (non edit)
i'm still working on blending the sticker, making it as invisible as possible
(it's shiny so its obvious)

haiz, still working on it, i know i have flaws!


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