Thursday, April 19, 2012

determination for music

 Just when i am sooo happy that i finally get a consideration of going to UCSI, my mum come and BLOW me off with another of her usual rejection towards me taking MUSIC.
if only i know, i should have just FAIL my SPM so that they would not say anything much!!!
she say people had 5 A's also take LAW.
people had 1 A also take ACCOUNT.
people had 6 A's also take DOCTOR.
so she expect me to be what shit?? cut people intestine? Modified an aeroplane??
build a skyscraper??

 Please larh! if I"M NOT GOOD with THAT particular thing, take already i sure DIE!! or fail...and waste Daddy's money..and i keep failing until i am never gonna get to WORK! and i'll be stuck in college or university until i grow white hair and had to carry a walking stick!!

a guy who scored 9 A's also went for UPM music audition too and his parents are sooooo supportive!!
salute his parents and family! why can't my parents be like that too?

derno what pose ==
Music how to get job?
easy! not many take music course, i've did a few research on where did all the music students go after graduating. i find it mesmerising and interesting that some get to work in a STUDIO!! which is my dream, yar, work in a recording studio is already my dream.

you know what i'm scared? i'm sooo scared that mummy will not support me financially if i go UCSI.
this is what she told me that nearly blow my head off, and bawled like it was the end of the world
"if you didn't get UPM, you better don't take music anymore."

it hurtssss soooo freakin bad, man.
i want to turn to daddy and seek his sympathy
*puppy eyes*
but i know with only daddy, i won't survive there financially (seriouslY)

why oh why!!!!!
*double cry*
*triple cry*
*flood the whole country*



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