Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i was born to pose

LOL..i was sooooo fair that time and i look like a BABY BOY...aaawwhh..
can't believe that is me ^^ two years old!
anyway, i was very fair until one day, my family brought me out to sea, leave me there under the sun (yes in the middle of the sea with no one there to hold me) and maybe i was cursed and from then onwards, i become dark ..
like seriously, why?? *cry*
 Bwahaha..Two pigtails on my head.3 yrs old.
woots! i was the youngest of the family, so you can expect that i was treated like a baby, until now. Like seriously, i still don't know how to wash school shoes, wash my own clothes. well, at least i do the dishes >w<
my aunt feed me until i ws 8 yrs old! omg...how shameful..>w<''
 when i was young, i use to run. run, baby, run! wooo~ 8 yrs old
but now, i'm too fatigue for it, i will faint if i run. seriously, i'm no joking, the whole world will spin if i run.
and when i was young, my piano teacher said i was too slow in music. HA! look what happen to me now! i'm an ear protege...bleaurgh *thick skin*
 posing again?first day at primary school. 7 yrs old.since small, when i didn't smile or anything, my mouth will turn 'n' until now, people always misunderstand me, they say i'm STUCK UP, UNFRIENDLY, because each time i look at them with that MOUTH, you know what i mean. In Hokkien they say 'kiam pa' ==''
so i try to smile smile smile...
 WOo...a dance pose..? 12 yrs old.
owkay, belly dancing..woots~ since 10 yrs old till 14 yrs old, i've been to dancing lessons. I still rmber my first performance at a hotel...and then our next performance at an event and many more. we had traditional dances, belly dancing, masala hip hop, line dancing, new jazz, and so on..
woo~ i miss it sooo much..
 that time, it was a total PHOBIA. seriously, just because i can hit the high note (with false falseto voice) doesn't mean it sounds nice. i sounded like a ghost whinning for her loved one to come back. SeRIOUSLY, i don't know why my teacher force me to sing, find someone better...>w<
 i still remember our teacher said "nothing  sexy please"
on that day, we come with belly baring clothes and a top that if you pull your hands up, it went up showing off your boobs and if you bent low, it shows your "supposingly" cleavage..=='' and a translucent skirt.
yar ...that is 'sexy'

 14 yrs old.
I was the only person in Kedah to be sent over to join this ASEAN ministry of education orchestra. It's a wonderful experience and for the first time i get to perform at Plenary Hall at KLCC..woots~ i still remember every single week, i have to go down to Melaka, to KL, to Johor, to Putrajaya for practices.
and not to mention get to work with wonderful musicians from all over malaysia, lectures and famous emcee..
 and we were given each a TAILOR-MADE suit with our names printed on it that cost  Rm700++ each. i still keep it neatly in my closet but i have never wear it ever since then. it was really an AWESOME experience, we get to play various types of ASEAN music, walk backstage of plenary hall that looks like a MAZE ground.
The singers and the dancers.
Pity, the musician had to be hidden behind. Ha! what to do, they had to play the farewell music to bid goodbye to the Asean ministers.

look at me now..
what happen to me..
i'm just like a lost puppy ...


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