Sunday, April 22, 2012

Black Canyon Coffee house

 This is something different

it's spicy after a few bites, but i try to deal with it by sipping my oreo mocha shake. But it's definetly something different, mmm, the taste..

yum yum! Where is this place? atcually, there's a lot of branches out there, and i happen to be at Bukit Mertajam AEON Jusco.I went there with my bro's gf and mummy after a day teaching Choral speaking in her school!

 The tom yam udon mee!
SUPER SPICY!! aargh, i can't eat spicy food! haha..but i try to deal with it, if people say, you must try it, dude! it makes your eyes go BLINK BLINK and you will shoot of the the stars and knock on it!

 aah! the Salmon SALAD!
this is quite PRICEY, but it's salmon after all ==
i don't get it how people atcually can eat raw vegetables and pay such an expensive price for it. I only eat the salmon and the four tomatoes!
my bro gf said that tomato is atcually good for skin and can give you natural blush!
so after that, i went to the hypermarket and search for Cherry tomato!
until now still in the fridge, didnt eat yet ==

straight hair~
just now went for badminton and for the first time in five years (i think) i sweat like i'm in a sauna.
and then we went over to Springleaf for dinner.
too bad, nobody is interested in camwhoring with me, so there's no picture ==


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