Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We not Naughty!

 had a movie day out with the babes!
my fringe still sucks though, i'm keeping my breath suck in for it to grow faster so that i will not be stuck with it.

We go watch WE NOT NAUGHTY! a singaporean film that brought us laughing our ass off in our seats for every second.
 >w< and Tan Sandy cried right beside me..
as a friend, should i continue watching the movie or comfort her? LOL! it was in the dark, haha, sorry Sandy, but i give you a pat on your shoulder just to make sure you are okay.
haha, don't say i had a heart of a stone, i don't cry in public.
 *fold arms*
the jokes are sooooo hilarious, a bit R-rated when the lady is giving birth.
anyway, i want to watch it again if there's a chance. i missed 10 minutes of the show man! they were getting popcorns , so what to do? *shrug*
 what we wore~

miss my freaking long hair badly and i hate my fringe >W< (i mentioned it soooo many freaking times)
anyway, next movie date? anyone??

if there's a nice movie larh, next time i want to try watching GHOST movie . It will be a FREAKING niCE awesome THRILL man!!
*emo laugh*


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