Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer look colourful clothes

Well, i'm not colourful enough, haha!
Anyway, tomorrow photoshoot postponed ==''
to be honest, i was really pissed off, but then i think and think and think again
tortoise did a lot for me, these days, i can't let her down.
so i decided to join her for movies instead.

i postponed my penang trip for photoshoot, i postponed my photoshoot for movie?
what is next? >W<

Original colour! non edit!, colour nicer right? i don't know why i go and edit the rest of the photo to make it look a bit more vintage feel.
after reading a lot of polish blog, YEAP, all the way from POLAND!
and realize that,
hmm, not only should i upload all my vain pictures, i should upload about my stuff, my clothes, products that i used.

okay, this season: Polkadots, colourful and this season trend: collar ==''
seriously, there are sooo many detached collar out there selling more expensive than a blouse. might as well buy a blouse than buying a collar right?
I've been searching for condenser microphone with the filter all over the world?
seriously, i went to the biggest music retail shop at KL and there was nothing there
or maybe they were too distracted over the local celebrity guy, Ariff? photoshooting his album cover there >w<
then i search online, through lelong, even EBAY and plaza low yat..==''
Behringer C1 bundle pack!
 I Finally found it! but how do i get it online?? urgh, music system told me that i can order from them, so maybe i can try there, but it doesn't come cheap
bundle pack includes : a condenser mic, a filter, a mic stand and USB cable
and all i need is a mixer, walarh! i can record my song already.
i look like a clown.
all these photos are taken by my OLYMPUS pen series camera!

polkadot collar blouse: shop@ sungei wang
Shorts: Kitschen@ queensbay
Shoe: Bugis Street, Sg
Hat: Material @ queensbay
Noob spec: kiosk@ sungei wang
place: Taman golf
Photographer: jovelle
who's that clown? ME!



  1. Nice combination for buying clothes from the inexpensive places like sungai wang & bugis street... Hihihi. My campus is in Bugis area :p
    I love those kind of shop places Doesn't waste lots of money & can buy souvenir :p

    Sorry dear, I haven't seen you as my follower yet. Perhaps you can try it again and after that I will follow you back :)



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