Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I prefer long hair

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i look like a real kid with short hair! >W< totally dislike it more and more each day, exspecially my stupid retarded fringe. I miss my long hair. Oh dear hair, where are you?
*searching searching*
truth to be told, with short hair i must wear clothing that is in the CUTE style
what defines me?
LONG HAIR!!!!  i want you i want you, i promise i won't cut you anymore! T.T
let it long long, chest length is appropriate already! ^^
grrow faster dear hair, i can't wait to own you!

 once upon a time, i had this long curly hair with a long fringe.
With long fringe, i had no pimple problem, because my hair doesn't disturb my face. After cutting my fringe, valcanoe erupted!
next time, don't hiao cut already larh! learn from this lesson!

and when i tie my long hair, it can atcually come over to my shoulder.
 i miss my hair sooo badly. why am i complaining when the blame should be put on me. i cut it, so i should shut my mouth.
*swallow swallow*

i remember i can flip my hair, but it can get pretty nuisance when the weather is hot.
It's like soooo freaking annoying when you had all those strands all over your shoulder.
But, somehow i think long hair make me look more like


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