Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pose of an emotic dancer

 today i went to work for FOUR freakin hours with NO students ==
turn out that each of my students have school today so half of them didn't come. i spent FOUR freaking hours at the music room doing one whole book of MUET
played two music books
played my favourite word games ( i did 210 words!)
snap photo
and then use my phone to online
(eat my phone battery  T.T)
 if you say this is indecent just because i bare my stomach, i totally disagree with you. crop shirts are totally ok for me just as long as i don't wear it out because Malaysia is a controversial country. It's just for the sake of posing as a character . it's a character that i'm playing for photos!
*shake head*
so what is my character next week?
should i dress up as a boy? 

anyway, sorry for the poor quality of the image. these pictures were shot by my compact camera and not my new camera (coz it went missing >W<)
but i found it! thank god!! ==
all of a sudden, my mum open her eyes again (well, in another second she could change it again)
she wanted me to open a music shop next time, because she look at my boss and nod her head.
HE can renovate his already perfect shop and still have the money to sent his daughter go USA to study Music.
(rich people)
so we are now scouting at rural area for me to make money. Rural areas mean fewer competitors, fewer competitors mean more CUSTOMERS!!

so far we did highlight a few places.
Jitra? Langkawi? Kuantan?

anyway, i'm going BADMINTON tomorrow! (first time going out to play badminton) i don't even know how to serve! i'm going to be a laughing stock for everyone! BUT I'M just going to wash my brain from loneliness and boredom..
hope i won't humillate myself tomorrow

Crop black shirt: Cotton On
Long slack pants: MANGO a.k.a MNG
shoes: ALDO


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