Monday, April 9, 2012

life of two teenagers and the human centipede

 hello peeps!
finally, i had watch FINISH the sickening show Human Centipede 2!
it's sooo sick that now, everything looks like shit and asses to me >w<
it's sooo sick that i lost all my apetite..
that SICK person injected laxatives on everyone to watch them shit like mad at each other mouth

of course, why watch if it's sick right?
but i think Tom SIXX (the director) is a pervert genius!
who could have come out with this type of plot?!
but what blows me off was that there was no MORAL value in this SICK AUSSIE movie..
seriously, just make that FAT disgusting toad man die!
2013: The human Centipede 3 will be out..

 anyway, i got a whole list of sick gore movie ! thnx! *hug*
imma gore fan but not a GHOST fan..
you throw one ghost genre movie, i'll be crying my eyes out
Happy tree friends!!! <3
i use to love the song..soo evil! haha
 anyway, i'm going for a photoshoot this wednesday with the girls!
yesterday went photoshooting with tortoise, but lo and behold,
rain heavily after the number 7 shot!!
LOL!!! so we came back camwhoring infront of my webcam..
trust me, there are around 50++ photos of us, i've only had time for these few ffor the moment

atcually, how's my short hair? == yar, i got a few feedback saying the SAME thing
yup, i agree with that, i got really regret over the fringe, because
FIRST: too short
SECOND: she go and cut LAYER on my fringe for me!
walau >w<
so it's crooked!! and i can't mend it myself because it's not straight at all

anyway, through this life, i must shave half of my head no matter what!
i must have a side shave no matter what!
seriously, I FFFFFuuuukkkin love that hair!

i don't care if i have to wait till i'm 21 yrs old to do that, i just had to get that type of hair
*serious face*



  1. Heh, thank you very much! It's a lot to me. ;) So yes I am of Polish and you? ;)
    Thank you for visiting! :))

  2. ew the human centipede, good effort watching it!
    now following your lovely blog :)

    follow back?

  3. Cute pictures of you and her :P
    I also love to take that kind of picture with my friends :P

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