Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lee Hyun Woo

 okay, last time i was obsessed with Lee Min-ho. seeing back, i don't know why on earth i like about him. Big eyes, big teeth and big nose ==''
now, after watching Man From the Equator, i spot someone!
MY TYPE OF GUY!! mini eyes, and sooooo adoroble!

 Lee Hyun Woo
Date of birth: 23rd March 1993 (warh, sooo young^^)
Drama: Man from the Equator (sadly though for only 3 episodes)
          : God of study (main star!)
weight: 55kg
Height: 172cm
 Nah, he's not from any boy group that sings kpop song and dance along ..==
he's an actor but recently host a music talk show and he look totally CUTE over there.
 see? can't deny its cute right??
 EMo EMO!! look like vampire nia

 omg, soooo adoroble
and he's a great actor too
the crying scene..WHOA...
 from God of Study, playing one of the trouble students studying in a prestigious college

from Man from the Equator. He played the young seun-woo in that movie. I'm sooo sad tomorrow will be the last episode that Hyun woo will be in, after that he grows up into this old man and that 38 yrs old will be the main part in that drama

it's very rare to see me, Ann Tan like any korean guys or girls.
so, heck yar, i'm sharing it out!


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