Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Ann (photography)

 as you can see, there are different photographer's name printed on each photo, so in total, there are atcually five photographers and two model on that day.
this shot(above)
is like a Dejavu to me again, coz i did this background last year.

photographer: Wei yunn a.k.a Sam
from kolej school

 this is one of my very first pose on that day. I realize nobody that i know had done this pose yet, so i just get down on the grass, with my mum's D-I-Y notebook for a touch of vintage.

We are all very akward from the start because we are not that close to the photographer. What more i go and call my childhood friend, Daniel Ting and he brought his another friend (even stranger!) joseph. Everybody is like sooo akward and not feeling comfortable.

 Love this shot pretty much!
anyway, i came without tying the red polkadot head band, so when i tie it, i didn't view the mirror at all. Now as i see it, it's lopsided! AAARRGH!
hahahaa, but what is past, let it pass

photographer: Shi chyn a.k.a Sjing
my schoolmate back in convent

 O.O Soft!
i'm not really comfortable taking full face front while laying down because i had a HUGE face. haha,

PhotographerL: Daniel Ting
childhood friends since we were babies!

 a shot by Daniel .
Joseph brought the ipad? and he plug in the memory card and there it is, my picture was sooo large in that ipad screen.

and then MrGreenz and EKK kang came!
(just calling their FB name, coz i have no idea what is their real name)
this makes thing even uncomfortable and akward, seeing that they are more pro towards photography.
suddenly, i feel extremely self-concious all of a sudden.

 one of my very last shots. The grass i'm sitting on was the culprit that gave me GRASS POX!
i was practically lying down on it, sweeping the grass with my body! lol! and thank god everything is back to normal now...

 me with Jesslyn Loh.
we're both from two different genre. Her clothes should meant to be in Kuala Kedah where she would look nicer shooting on the beach.
Mine is more back to 1960's where i should shoot infront of a mini vintage van. you got the picture? no?

 mouth wide agape!
anyway, i did some research
during a photoshoot, wear something BRIGHT, so that you STAND OUT from the picture.
be comfortable with the photographer >w<
variation helps so that the photgrapher won't feel bored!

 yup, i curl my hair temporary if you are wondering. i look like a bush anyway.

love this shot pretty much! by Sjing
vintage feel !!
and Sjing put my name :Ann Tan a girl that is good in posing
i also don't know where it came from, but maybe it was because i watch too much America's next Top model

i'm not lowing the british invasion on America's Next Top Model!!
all the catfights, MEOW!!

so yar, i know i do not own a pretty face but i DO know how to pose



  1. the second picture is really cute :)
    Love Lois xxx

  2. Nice shot!
    I love ANTM all episode!


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