Thursday, April 26, 2012

preparation for Form Six

 Hello guys! so i'm suffering from Grass Pox now, (even though the world only exist Chicken Pox) How do you contact with Grass pox?
well, i lay on the grass pretty long for photoshooting to get the best shot?
and the grass itches everyone, and i am stilll infected with it since three days ago
Grass pox, anyone want to feel it? good, come here and sleep on this grass
*sly grin*
 so yar, everybody checked if their name is on the form six list.
I was placed in Kolej science stream (gonna apply to get out of that school after orientation, HAH!)
then there was the Matriculation, i didn't apply so i didn't need to worry, didn't need to vomit out of nervousness.
but i was a bit regret for not applying it anyway==

 you see, my school TOP student who get 8A+ and 2 A, she what shit also didn't get!
if this is call Justice, the world must be upside down==
those of my friends who had straight A's didn't get matriculation, instead those missed by one A get it easily.
and what did i hear, my friend (chinese) 3 A's get matric??
wat? he must be kidding me or maybe he got it all wrong, or the government decided to pull our legs or something.

well, i don't mean to be racist or something, but sometimes it's just injustice.
i heard a claassmate of mine (malay) whom i think manage to scrape 3-4 A's get an interview from Petronas.
and my friends who get straight A's can't even get a dot from it.
the country is obviously meant for two
if you know what i mean..
i'm just talking facts here

 hair become bushy==coz i try to curl it.

 so i bought my school uniform today
WOW! i was the FIRST one who bought it, this is EPIC man!
on the 8th i will go to Kolej to register myself, and then observe how many friends i know are going there.
the skirt for Form six is soooo weird, i mean it doesn't look like a pencil skirt and it doesn't look like a flare skirt, so it's like

my bunny headband from Cotton ON!!! love it!

so how's everyone preparing for Form six?
despite the fact that i hateeedd the style of the uniform
i'm pretty excited over it.


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  1. you look so cute!!! love your blue shirt and red belt! I´m following you, if you want check out mine



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