Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flu attack

 I've got the flu again! boy oh boy, >
first first yesterday i had a horrible sore throat and a bad case of acne on my forehead. Then today i woke up coughing. and by the end of the day, i ahhhhchooo a lot, use soooo much tissues!!!

 aNYWAY! today was awesome, despite the fact that my nose feel like it has fallen off. ==''
Today i snap over 50 photos!!! with tortoise over the webcam and my camera!
anyway, further updates will be tomorrow, today i'm tooo sneezy to write anything.
i hate you, flu!!
i can't breathe with you!
anyway, i spent the whole afternoon watching The Human Centipede 2 (but i didn't get to watch finish) I HATE that fat guy and the fact that he is sooo slow, asthmatic-prone, and well, slow! how on earth did he manage to kill soooo many guys that are 10 times healthier than him!!??
anyway, it was disgusting and gross, i spent my time looking at my dinner imagining it was poop all the time.

Do you want to hear what is SOOO gross over it? that he atcually sew people's mouth onto another people's anus. so when the first person shits, the second people had to consume it (yes, by eating it) and then shit for the third person to eat. BLEAURGH!~!!!! exactly like how a centipede would work for it's digestive system.

don't know who go and recomend this GORE and PERVERT movie for me to watch
*shake head*


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  1. ann,it's..disgusting....going vomit dy hahaha


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