Monday, April 30, 2012

when the baby falls

I've got a call today from school telling me that i had a change in my SPM result. WOooo~ my english! T.T so now i got an extra A inside my SPM slip which is by right, too late to apply anything good rite?
but anyway, now i get 9 A's!!! omg *slap my mouth shut*
never in my mind would i dream of that kind of result.

 but anyway, i got REJECTED from Singapore polytechnic because they told me my english couldn't make the cut. bwhahaha
but everything is too late ady.aha!
bt why feel regret or anything..
so what if i didn't apply Matrix, so what if i didn't apply UPU
fated already, can you take a time machine back?
of course not==
(well just unless you belong to Steven Spielberg's world)

and today i check on the net portal again, (thnx Gray Ban and Zicky! for informing me) i got an interview for Maktab (teacher trainee school?)
yup, they give me my first choise : MUSIC for SJK(c)
primary school teacher?? ahahaha, can anyone imagine me as a Primary school teacher??
*laugh my ass off*

 but it ain't easy! ahaha, you had to pass this IQ test where you had to answer 100 questions within 30 minutes? (sorry if it's the wrong information)
and then you had to be interviewed and obviously this interview will be in Malay (because it's government! DUH!)
and mummy ask me to wear baju kurung to the interview!
woots~ O.O

 so all my friends are going here, there..and well, everywhere~!
most of them were in UTAR, or TARC
and i'm here inspecting Form six students on what shoe they will be wearing >w<
ahaha, i really hope i get UPM so that nobody can say ANYTHING to object me on music.

 ahahaha, E.T girls! ahahaha, don't ask me why we had this name. hmm..let me see..there are eleven of us? so the full name of E.T is ELEVEN TEENAGE girls?
we won't be teenage anymore~

Owkay, tomorrow is LABOUR day!!!
i have no idea what to do tomorrow, since every weekday seems like labour day to me ==
and to think that THURSDAY is the start of my FIRST tuition class already!!!
*wake up*
*saw the calendar*
*faint again*
i don't want to go study arh~~~~~
study means, no online, no blog T.T, no texting, no hanging out
stay at home and look at books
and then wear school uniform and go tuition



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